Sorry So quiet…..

site de rencontre ibiza Promise I will be MUCH more chatty in the coming weeks.  Launching this site and it’s associated Face Book page was a lot for me to do then we pile on broken wrist AND I dropped my computer on the sidewalk outside of Reno airport (note to self…  A regular backpack is no protection for a dropped laptop) and you may have a perfect storm.


13 f rencontres Look what my broken laptop burped up

rencontres en ligne article Good news is I got a cool new laptop to begin this new Pathway.   Rented a car and found the local Apple store in Reno and walked out 20 minutes later with a new laptop. Switched from a 17inch to a cute little 13 inch.   Amazing what they let you charge on a credit card 😉   Working hard on recovering old files from dropped laptop, I was lucky, no hard drive damage.  Just mutilated the track-pad and probably killed the powerful wizard that lived within my laptop.

conocer chicos My ultimate goal is to post 1 post per week on each of my headline subjects.  So 4-5 posts per week. A lofty goal.  Each new post will also be linked on my FB page, then archived within my web pages.  Bear with me, I am just learning WordPress and everything so the learning curve is high and my brain cells tend to leap out of my head at key moments.

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