Dr Torrano receives VF award


site de rencontre aol Dr Torrano accepts his VF award from two of his Churg Strauss Patients

site de rencontre nouveau gratuit OK, we will first say that this picture makes me look heavier than what I actually am….   Yes, my vanity is the first thing I think of.

my latest blog post Last Spring an opportunity came to nominate doctors to the Vasculitis Foundation for the first annual VF RED award,drtaward

I jumped at the chance to nominate my doctor whom I fondly refer to as my “asthma god”.  Dr Torrano was the doctor that believed me when I stated my cough was not acid reflux and anxiety after I had been dismissed by 2 other doctors.   He worked with me to find out what the heck was going on with my body and he ran the tests on the hunch that I had Churg Strauss Syndrome.

Dr Torrano  has been there for me over the past 8 years and thanks to his watchful eye and listening to me has helped me catch flares and keep all my organs working.  He understands that some days I come in with my prednisone ‘bitch’ on and others I am scared.


Dr Robert Torrano of Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California

I have always felt angry that some of my other local specialists seem to dismiss him and not realize how much his care has helped me stay in control of my CSS and am now grateful I go to UCSF medical center to a Vasculitis Specialist who works closely with Dr Torrano on my case.

It was a big surprise when I was notified Dr Torrano was to receive this very first RED award.  I was so happy for him, that he was finally getting recognized for the amazing diagnostician that he is.  He was interviewed for the September / October VF newsletter and it is now available for public viewing.

Vasculitis Foundation Sept / Oct newletter

Also I wanted to attach the nomination letter that I sent in for this very special doctor.  Here is what I wrote — very hard to keep it to 350 words

agencias matrimoniales las palmas de gran canaria My first cough and rash happened in Sept of 2006 during a home remodel project.   I went to my GP who told me I had GERD and anxiety.   After repeated visits he finally prescribed me an inhaler but basically told me if I just calmed down I would stop coughing.   Funny thing is my ‘imaginary coughing’ cracked a rib.
buscar mujeres solteras en espaГ±a gratis This was NOT all in my head. I called an asthma/allergy office and after crying on the phone obtained a same day appointment. It was here that I meet my savior (aka my asthma doctor)  Dr. Robert Torrano.  . He walked in the room and even before meeting me put his hand on my shoulder and stated, “Man are you sick!” Then he sat down and stated, “Talk to me…” It was the most refreshing three words I think I had every heard. And he listened… really listened! Never interrupting, never judging… I suddenly felt like I was going to get better.   
visit homepage Dr Torrano ran test after test, never tiring, always willing to keep looking.  He called me after hours and from his home phone to check up on me and constantly assuring me that we would get an answer.   After 4 tireless months and countless prednisone tapers, His hunch was proven correct.  I had CSS.  He made sure I always went to the best doctors and followed up on every test even if he did not order them. 
http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/1670 Once Dr Torrano spent an hour talking to me in his office when I told him I thought he should go because he was backing up other patients he answered… “If they don’t understand than they should not be patients of mine”.   
dating community kostenlos His motto for my illness is to catch everything early to avoid any permanent damage.  When nothing else was working for me He personally investigated the then experimental drug Rituxan and he made it his mission to make sure my rheaumatologist and insurance approved it and put me on it.  
my review here Dr Torrano is my ‘rock’ in the sea of uncertainty of Vasculitis.

Pathway to managing my CSS. Yes, it is an uphill battle and not a smooth surface, with dangerous curbs along the way.




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