What’s worse than being ill 24/7?

his comment is here Every Month I have the honor of hosting a post by someone in the the Churg Strauss Syndrome Community telling the world about what’s it like to live life with CSS.

navigate here CSS is what is called an invisible illness, we carry most of damage within our bodies and tend to look ‘normal’ on the outside.  The damage is deep and I am humbled by my fellow CSSers on how they keep going on day after day.  How hope burns so bright and even though our disease is considered to be an rare illness, we are all hopeful of new medical treatments in the future.

http://hongrie-gourmande.com/frensis/3817 Here I present Emma’s story.

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content Being ill 24/7 yet nobody believing you!

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September 2015 – CSS awareness by Shawna

rencontre 92 On the 1st of every month, I host a post by a member of the CSS community so that we can get the word out about CSS and help people get earlier diagnosis.

partnersuche mit hund und pferd This Month’s post is by Shawna and she lets us into to her world and how she has had to alter her life in order to live with CSS.  Her wonderfully honest post is not about the medical tests and the process of diagnosis but rather how she has had to change herself in order to live with CSS and how this has impacted her both mentally and physically.

Shawna shows us how when life does not go as planned we just need to stop and look around us to find joy and love.

Please read, enjoy and share.

http://www.gramus.si/ralf/1397 September 2015 — by Shawna


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