Uni-Tasking and going to the Movies


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this content Who knew going to a movie alone in the middle of the day could be so enjoyable? Is this a secret that I have never been privileged enough to know about?

http://fitbodz.com.au/?frimer=starstruck-rencontre-avec-une-star-2&d31=e3 Today I was tired, worn out mentally and physically. It seems every time I exit the house and go into town I have huge ‘to do’ lists and end up spending every free moment doing something for somebody else. Usually if I have an extra hour in town I find myself grocery shopping. Yes, sad but true.

british dating coach So today, I did something totally radical. I went to the movies instead. It was not planned and that was a great thrill for me. I actually never realized how much going to the Movies was a form of escapism.

dhv flirten My family tends to watch movies at home and then I think about things I should be doing or end up pausing it multiple times to take the dog out or take a text or phone call.   I always feel guilty about sitting at home watching a movie when there are things around me I should be accomplishing.

online dating site 2018 I never understood the idea of spending all that money and actually going to the movies. Having 3 children means it is always cheaper to just wait for the DVD version and watch it at home. Also going to the movies with 3 children, no matter their ages, is never relaxing…

rencontre troisieme type sonnerie Today was different. I got to see a movie of my choosing, no worrying about somebody else not liking it. I got to sit where I wanted to, where I felt most comfortable and could see the best, no worrying about finding 5 seats together. It was a ‘chick flick’ type movie and I did not have to argue the value of the plot lines afterwards with my husband.

he said I got to totally escape, no cell phone, no worrying about others. I for once found myself uni-tasking. Doing only one thing, concentrating solely on one task, it was amazing! I sat back and became one with the story line. I laughed, I cried, and I smiled. I exited the movie when I wanted to… for once I did not have to see the credits and re-entered the world. I felt different, I felt calm.

So, I challenge you all to go to the movies alone, to a very quiet matinee. Do what you like, when you like. Afterwards be one with yourself and the movie you watched, no need to discuss it with others just be in the moment and enjoy the experience.