Let’s Talk Turkey….

annonce rencontre serieuse belgique So it’s that time of year again when we are thinking about Turkey, Family and Shopping.  Well, today I was visited by a flock of turkeys.  My dog was nice enough to alert me to their arrival in my yard.


http://everythingsheltie.com/kolbasa/klepsiela/2408 Margo alerts us to the Turkeys’ arrival.

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kennenlernen english translation I thought it was REALLY nice of them to arrive and help EAT all the grass seed that I had just laid down 3 days before.


you can find out more Nothing to look at here, just a bunch of turkeys.

site rencontre musulman forum And….  they were even nice enough to visit my daughter’s chickens.   I think the chickens were VERY scared by the turkey’s size and number of them.  15 in all.  5 Tom turkeys and 9 females in this visiting group.


dating sites affair Turkeys visiting the chickens.

dating asian guys youtube This visiting flock got me thinking even more about Thanksgiving and how we make ourselves stress out over 1 meal.   I really have to say TOO much energy is put into placing that perfectly roasted turkey on your table.  Heck, I don’t even like the taste of turkey (maybe my husband’s family had the right idea of just cooking a chicken every year).  I really think we it would be nice to  focus more on the friends and family that we invite into our homes and less craziness about a single meal.

official source I have been known to serve Beef Wellington and even Lasagna on Thanksgiving.  My sister really had a great idea by making her whole Thanksgiving dinner (except the Turkey) in crock pots one year; it allowed her to enjoy her guests so much more.  Just this morning I saw a link to site that promoting eating just the side dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I think Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate Family and Friends and what you eat should be as individual as you are.  If you are a rebel, then forgo the turkey and cook what you are comfortable making and what your family and friends like to eat.  It’s the people that matter, not your cooking skills and what exactly is on your table.  Take a message from Charlie Brown Thanksgiving AND the soap Opera General Hospital (where through a series of accidents the Quatermaine family ALWAYS ending up with take out pizza on Thanksgiving) It’s not the turkey that matters… It’s the people.


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