Why a Web Page and Blog? Why Now?

source site Trust me I am asking myself the same thing.   What makes me special? Why do I think people might be interested in things I have to say and share?   I have no quick answer to those questions but I can share that I enjoy the writing process and get great joy out of putting my thoughts and ideas out there in the world for other people to read, enjoy and possibly come to new understandings.

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rencontre casablanca avec photo I am a trained teacher, a chef, a mother and a never-ending student of life. I battle life every day on many different fronts and believe our experiences in life, both the good and the bad make us who we are.

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mujeres cristianas solteras en colombia I believe in living life without regrets. A motto I claimed as my own after an unexpected turn in my life’s journey. I don’t believe in straight lines in life. I believe we go through a series of twist, curves and spirals. Some times our paths lead to something else, sometimes we learn from these paths and sometimes we cut our loses and go back to the nearest intersection to try again.

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click here This web page and blog is a new journey for me… a new path.

site rencontre gratuite Please join me for this new pathway and hopefully we can become life long friends.

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