Asthma Treatment Medication

11696307_10207073310935985_2105916589720375038_oThis is an informational post about Asthma medications and treatments.  Always consult a doctor before beginning, changing, or discontinuing any asthma treatment.  Asthma is a serious condition that without proper management  can lead to death.   I am NOT a medical professional, these are just useful sites I have found.   The cover photo is from a drug company and  does not list all options, please read on and click on the links to see what other medications are available.


Some of us have had Asthma for many years and forget why we take a particular type of medication for Asthma.   Here is some great background and reinforcement reading and charts that I found today.  For me it is always a great reminder of why I take some medications for my Asthma associated with my CSS, how these medications affect me affect me, and what other options there may be out there.


Here are some good graphics explaining asthma inhalers and a very text chart from the American Lung Association of different types of asthma medications (it’s from 2009 so does not have the latest and greatest) but it’s  a nice read or reminder.



Extremely nice PDF chart with pictures of each medication and dosages available from the state health dept of Minnesota. (use your ‘zoom in’ button on your PDF reader to make it more readable)



images-1From National Asthma Council Australia  here is another chart.

Look around their site it’s full of great information

Lastly a 32 page PDsup-doc-homeF guide written for doctors called the Pocket Guide for Asthma Management and Prevention.  The intended audience is doctors and nurses and it was updated in 2015 which makes it very relevant.  It states it is based on the global strategy for asthma management and prevention.  I learned a lot from this guide — I like to know how my physician thinks and what it is based upon.     The main site for the Global initiative for Asthma is

I didn’t start my morning by  intending to write this post, but I awoke with an asthma attack and was wondering about my medications so it lead to this post.  I hope everyone find something new or educational and please feel free to share and comment with your useful asthma links for other readers.


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