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This is a ‘living’ page.  It will change as I find more resources.  I will post to my blog when significant additions are made.


These Websites / Blogs may be of interest to anyone with an autoimmune or chronic illness.



Christine Miserandino is an award-winning writer, blogger, speaker and lupus patient advocate. Her writing about lupus and her “Spoon Theory” of communicating about chronic illness has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, medical newsletters and television media around the world, as well as on her website
header, a site dedicated to those diagnosed with this rare and challenging autoimmune condition. EGPA occurs in 2-3 new cases per year per million people, which means you are selected with almost impossible odds to belong to this unique group! OK, not what you had in mind but we hope that somewhere in these pages you can find a way to make sense of it all.
Older information — last updated stated as 2009 BUT this was my ‘go to’ site when I was being diagnosed and afterwards.  “Much comes from Medline abstracts and medical journal articles on vasculitis.  Some is from autoimmune vasculitis patients and carers, some from newsgroups,  internet web pages, etc. that also deal with vasculitis”












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