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right here Karen is a alias I took when I became seriously ill  in 2006 and then diagnosed with Churg Strauss Vasculitis.   Everything was changing in my life… So, I became Karen in Wonderland — trying to navigate my new normal.

best site Eight years later and Karen is still a vital part of me.  Karen sees wonder and hope in the world and reminds me to enjoy every moment.  She has taught me to live Life without regrets and to live in the here and now.  We can not change the past, we do not know what our futures may hold so all we can do is enjoy the here and now.

online nepali dating site I have learned a lot in 8 years and still have a lot to learn.    I thought my life was a singular pathway.  Now I find that I have many pathways.  Life is a learning process and all I can do is hope that I keep learning and moving forward in my Life Pathways.

anonymous Many people with a serious chronic illness find they become defined by that illness.  It is easy to slip into that role, but I choose something different for myself.  My chronic illness is just a part of my life, one of my many paths.  Yes, I have an autoimmune illness but it doesn’t have me!

what does the word hook up means These web pages are about my many Pathways and Journeys.

I hope you find something helpful or comforting within my writing and return often.

hop over to here IMG_0540Suzanne D.  aka Karen in Wonderland